Racing Results


Monday Night Racing

Week 7 & Week 8 Summary results reflect a modification for a tie occurring on Week 3.  Both Newington and AE had 2 points added.   This was due to the computer program not assigning the higher value in the case of ties. – Rob Dexter, Race Chairman

Monday Night Summary Results – Final

Finish Order Report – Wk 8 – Final

Individual Points by Age – Final

Racing Summary Report

Finish Order Report Wk 8 – 20Feb2017

Individual Pts by Age Wk 8 – 20Feb2017

Finish Order Report Wk 7 – 13Feb2017

Individual Pts by Age – Wk 7 – 13Feb2017

Finish Order Report Wk 6

Individiual Pts by Age Wk 6

Finish Order Rpt Wk 5

Individual Pts By Age Wk 5

Finish Order Rpt Wk 4

Finish Order Rpt Wk 3

Finish Order Rpt Wk 2

Finish Order Rpt Wk 1




State Races

We had a great warm night for the CSC CT GS at Mount Southington.
41 people participated, not the biggest turnout, but all had fun.
The next state race is the Slalom, now scheduled for Wednesday February 8th at Mount Southington.
Hope to see more racers there. – Rob Dexter, Racing Chairman

2017 State GS Race – Finish By Age

2017 State GS Race – Finish By Class