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Racing News Update 21Feb2018
Racing has been going well, now 7 weeks completed.  The last few weeks were a study in contrast. Week #6 was hard and icy snow, as icy as any Olympic course. Some racers were sliding by the gates.  Most of the 143 racers had sharp edges.  Week #7 had much softer snow. 109 racers came and braved the forecasted rain. The clouds parted and the rain held off when the race was in process. Looking at the weather app just before racing showed the rain went to the north and south of the mountain. It could have been much wetter.  Mount Southington has been doing an excellent job of setting courses, and since the afternoon High School races have been completed, there are no ruts to get around these last few weeks.  Head skis held a demo on week #7. A NASTAR course was in place to allow for ski testing. A number of club skiers enjoyed the ski tests. The competition is as fierce as it was last year with Newington Ski Club and Mountain Laurel battling out for first place bragging rights. Newington on week #6 earned one more point than Mt Laurel. Week #7, and the rain showed that Mt Laurel likes soggy weather as they jumped 239 points ahead of Newington on that night. Mt Laurel is in the lead after 7 weeks at 4782, and Newington now at (adjusted total) 4059. With the forecast of rain and some 70+ degree days in the next week, week #8 might be in question. We could still have a pizza party night (even if there is no racing) as the restaurant is willing to be open. Stay tuned!
Rob Dexter CSC Race Chairman


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