Rob Dexter handily avoids all obstacles to win! Racing is lot of fun, sometimes there's an unexpected challenge or perhaps a guy very handy with Photoshop.
Rob Dexter handily avoids all obstacles to win! Racing is lot of fun, sometimes there’s an unexpected challenge or perhaps a guy very handy with Photoshop.


Again thanks all for a Great Season!
Posted below are the final results for week 8 (report 2),
overall club results (report 4) and
a manual report 5 (age class results)
Congratulations to Newington Ski Club for finishing first.  Newington held off the New Haven Ski Club.
It all came down to New Haven going on a ski trip (week #7) and missing a number of their racers.
New Haven was in full swing racking up points besting Newington in 5 of 8 weeks.
A very close season….
Don’t forget next week is a FUN NASTAR race = for all ages.
You must know your NASTAR number when you are in the start.
There will be 2 runs- and the race will be posted on NASTAR
Should be fun!
If you haven’t already – please turn in your bib.
Your ski club will be assessed the cost of a new bib if you don’t.
Perfect time (if you forgot) to bring it is next Monday night.
Don’t forget- I have your number!
Rob Dexter
(cell) 860 836-9304
 (_)/ (_)


Summary Report – Week 8

Finish Order Report – Week 8

Individual Points by Age – Week 8

Finish Order Report – Week 7

Individual Points by Age – Week 7

Finish Order Report – Week 6

Finish Order Report – Week 5

Finish Order Report – Week 4

Finish Order Report – Week 3

Finish Order Report – Week 2

Finish Order Report – Week 1 

Racing Dues and Racer Starts by Club – 2020-2021

Racing Dues-Racer Starts by Club

Racing Plan for 2020-2021- Updated – 18Dec2020

Race Dates for 2020 – 2021 Season

CSC League Schedule

Race 1: December 21, 2020
Race 2: December 28, 2020
Race 3: January 4
Race 4: January 11
Race 5: January 18
Race 6: January 25
Race 7: February 1
Race 8: February 8
Make up date if needed: February 15

NOTE: The CT State GS and SL Races have not been scheduled at this time. The CT State GS and SL Races are NASTAR timed races.


Here is the newest version to sign up on Admin for Monday  Night Racing. PLEASE have all Captains sign up so they will know how to do this in case their team members have questions they will be able to help them ! Also as noted if anyone signs up between 9 and 4 daily Admin will be staffed and ready to answer all question thru chat so they will walk you thru the process if needed !
To pick up your tickets and bibs:
1) Bibs for the year will be handed out on the racers first night of racing
2) Tickets per night will be handed out the night of the race, once they have been ordered online , orders must be done no latter than the night before the race
3) Both tickets and bibs will be handed out from 5:30-7 per race night at the ticket window on the right hand side of the main office building
I hope this helps everyone, Lets get thru the first race and we can move on from there.
The Mount Southington Waiver has been moved to the Adminsports Website. If you have completed it -great, but you still must fill out for your race ticket (& pay for it) request. = everything is on-line!
We are here for you all and look forward to Monday Night racing this Monday!, Duane Bass, Mount Southington Race Director
PASS the Word Register for Monday Night Racing online at Admin Racing.
Info From AdminSports (Scott Baetz)

2020-2021 Ski Season

This year has presented a whirlwind of changes for everyone, and I appreciate that you have kept pace with my many emails.  This year more than any year, for our racing events, it’s critically important that we complete the SAFETY/LIABILITY waiver forms.  We don’t want to do this for EVERY Monday.  Here’s the plan we’ve come up with.

Race Registration
Race Registration will be done on website.  At the moment, we ONLY have the first race listed, you will need to return to the site to purchase future races, which will be loaded by 12/21/2020.

Account Creation – Only needed ONCE
You will need to create an account, if you go to this link, it will show you how, it’s relatively simple, and if you do it from 9am to 5pm, you can use the online chat for REAL LIFE help.

Account Last Year
You might have an account from last season, if that’s the case, just login and verify that you are a participant and start registration.  If you have ANY issues, please use the ONLINE CHAT and an AdminSkiRacing support member will help you from 9am to 5pm every business day.

How to create an account step by step video

WHEN Creating your Account – CT Ski Club SPECIFIC INFORMATION
This system is often used for YOUTH athletes, which means that video is geared for parents.  Regardless, once you make an account, remember, you will need to make a participant for yourself and anyone in your family.  Also remember for OUR CT SKI Council events to appear properly, you need to select the TRI-STATE Division-Region, and select from the drop down, Mount Southington (CT Ski Council Monday Night Racing).

I’ve provided an image below.


If you don’t know your CSC perm # contact Rob Dexter  If you have raced before you should have a NASTAR #, if you have raced in the Monday night race series, Rob will also have your NASTAR #. If you have not raced before, racers need to go to the NASTAR web page and get a NASTAR #.

Health Check
You will receive an email Health Check advisory 2 days before your event, it is REQUIRED to complete this form for safety reasons.

Rob Dexter
CSC Racing Chairperson
(cell) 860 836-9304
(_)/ (_)


Southington Food

Racing begins this Monday Night (12/21) for the CSC league and we are excited to have everyone.

Here are the new food and beer rules everyone must follow!

Food – We have a pizza truck and a taco truck stationed in the entry way to the mountain, near the ticket windows. Each racer must purchase their food individually from the trucks (we will also have food available in the Mountain Room AFTER the Holiday. Captains will not be placing team orders through Jeremy this season. No sharing pizzas or other food!

Beer – There is no walk up bar! We will have table service for beer. You must be eating a substantial food item, i.e.. pizza or tacos, to be able to purchase a beer. The waitstaff will not serve a beer to anyone who is not currently eating, even if someone else at the table has food. It must be YOU. No pitchers are allowed this season. We will serve beer only and only while you are seated!

We MUST follow current sector rules so that we can all continue to enjoy racing!


· Bags are NOT allowed in the Mountain Room. Please gear up and boot up in your car. We have a complimentary bag check in the mountain room if necessary.
· MASKS Must be worn at all times, inside and outside, unless you are seated at your table eating or drinking.
· No standing around mingling with other. We MUST stay socially distanced.

Thank you all for your patience and your cooperation in this new way of Monday night racing!

Andrea Shuster
Group & Racing Coordinator
Events Coordinator – The Mountain Room
Mount Southington Ski Area

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