Rob Dexter handily avoids all obstacles to win! Racing is lot of fun, sometimes there's an unexpected challenge or perhaps a guy very handy with Photoshop.
Rob Dexter handily avoids all obstacles to win! Racing is lot of fun, sometimes there’s an unexpected challenge or perhaps a guy very handy with Photoshop.

Racing Plan for 2020-2021- Posted – 20Sep2020

Hope everybody  had as good a summer as was possible – considering all the restraints and issues we currently fall under.

I just wanted to let everyone know we will have a Monday night race league this year.  Mt. Southington will be open, but things will be different.  We are not exactly sure what this new look will look like – but the current outline follows: We want to make skiing and racing as safe as it can possibly be.–  We tried to use AdminSports last year for racer registration & lift tickets.  I am working with them this year and no exception registration will be thru them.

·         STEP 1: The yearly registration, season waivers will be thru the Mount Southington web page  – still working on some details.  The look will be different, but all the required information as in the past will be there = name, address, birthdate, club, NASTAR # etc..  This will be required BEFORE you register for any individual race. We have set up 2 pizza nights (to keep the groups smaller) for this registration at Mount Southington.
— Pizza party Monday Nov 30 6:30-8:00 for Men born in 1956 and prior, women, and all snowboarders

 Pizza party Monday Dec 7 6:30-8:00 for Men born 1957 and after (under 64)= Pizza party Monday

·         STEP 2: (each week) Lift ticket/race sign up will be from Friday (on-line) up to Midnight on Sunday before the race.  This is required for racer registration each week prior to the race.  No racer will be allowed to show up the day of a race and race without the weekly pre-registration.

BIBS: The current plan is to hand out CSC bibs for the year.  This is similar to the Tuesday night league.  This means racers once given a bib, will keep the bib for the year.  Racers will be responsible to bring their bib each week.  This eliminates going up to the ready room every week. The plan is currently to have bibs 1-199 for younger males, and 200-399 for older males, women, and all snowboarders.  First come first serve get their bibs, however as in the past we will pull a lottery number to determine who runs down the courses first.  Each week will be the same sequence bib order, and the first racer number will vary.  Racers MUST turn in their bibs at the end of the season (last race night).  The On-snow Carnival will need the CSC bibs to be re-sorted prior to our On-Snow weekend.  Any missing bibs will be charged for replacement cost –directed to their individual club.

TICKETS: On-line ticket sales – will eliminate money/credit card interaction.  Ticket/racing prices are up slightly (price at this time) = $33 ticket/race, or $18 for race with a season pass (this includes the fee for AdminSports).  Tickets will be handed out by Mount Southington on this side of the gate (under an outside canopy) – so there should be no issues entering the area with skis.  To purchase a lift ticket prior to the race day – an on-line waiver will need to be electronically signed.  This waiver (attestation form) will require racers to say they have complied with CT Covid-19 guidelines, that day or in the past 24 hours have not (a list of symptoms will be detailed) and also in the previous 14 days have not come in contact with someone that has contacted Covid-19.  If it is found out that someone has Covid-19, knew about it, and participates in a race, they will be banned from any future races.  Sorry but we have to be very strict to keep everybody safe.

This is the outline of the plan at this time. We might have more details or slight changes when we get closer to the season.   Please get this information out to your racers. Things have changed!

Not yet – but think snow during the upcoming winter months, and stay Healthy and safe till them.

 Rob Dexter

CSC Racing Chairperson

2019-2020 (Historical Info Below)

Racing Notes from Monday, 2/17/2020

Our last race!
Monday night Week #8 results are attached.
Congratulations Newington Ski club this years club champ!
They were far out in front of last years winner Mt Laurel….
I could not identify bib 263 (the last to sign in- but did not put their name on the sheet)
with times of 35.44, 37.82 = anyone????
Also there is a glitch in the Women D (for age class season totals) =I will fix it before the awards.
Awards night will be at the CSC meeting on Tuesday April 14, 2020.
It was a great season- thanks all for attending!
We still have our On-Snow Carnival!
On-Snow information was sent out in separate email.
Hope to see you all at Waterville, February 28, 29 & March 1
Rob Dexter
(cell) 860 836-9304
(_)/ (_)

2019-2020 Monday NIght Racing

Results (2019-2020 Season)

R_MondayReport#4WK8A (Summary Results -All Weeks)

Results week 8 (2/17/2020)

R_MondayFinish#2WK8A (Finish Order)

CSCMondayAgesClasses2020 (Individual Points by Age)

Results week 7 (2/10/2020)

R_MondayFinish#2WK7 (Finish Order)

R_MondayReport#5WK7 (Individual Points by Age)

Results week 6 (2/03/2020)

R_MondayFinish#2WK6 (Finish Order)

R_MondayReport#5WK6 (Inidividual Points by Age)

Results week 5 (1/27/2020)

R_MondayFinish#2WK5  (Finish Order)

R_MondayReport#5WK5 (Individual Points by Age)

Results week 4 (1/20/2020)

R_MondayFinish#2WK4 (Finish Order)

R_MondayReport#5WK4 (Individual Points by Age)

Results week 3 (1/13/2020)

(Please note Bib #213 (Gina J.) with times of 32.8, 999 needs to submit a completed waiver to have her time count.)

R_MondayFinish#2WK3 (Finish Order)

Results: week 2 (12/6/2020)

R_MondayFinish#2WK2A (Finish Order)

12/30/19 racing was cancelled due to expected poor snow conditions.

Results: week 1 (12/23/2019)

R_MondayFinish#2WK1C (Finish Order (Rev2, 1/6/20)


Notes from Rob Dexter:

Monday Night week #1 results are in the links shown above.
Please check for errors.
bib #68 – I have times but no record who it is? (late registration)
times of 32.94 and 34.14
The racing/ticket purchase on-line did not happen well this first week.
We only had 10 out of 129 racers that bought advanced tickets.
Eliminate the wait- if you get an email – go on-line and purchase your race ticket.
I have updated the CSC file with all of the updated emails on the waivers.
If you didn’t note your email- you must do so this next week.
Next year ALL REGISTRATION will be on-line, please get used to it this year.
Have great Holidays!
It’s not too late you can still ask Santa for snow…

Dues Amounts by Club

Reminder: all club unpaid racing dues should be paid on pizza night (Dec 16), but must be paid before the first night of racing.

Monday Night & State Race schedules 2020

Reserving Tables:

Please be courteous and DO NOT reserve or rearrange any tables until you come back in from skiing.

Take Advantage of the new shelving units on both floors for your boot bags.

The requests above are being emphasized because Mount Southington has received many complaints on tables being reserved in the Mountain Room much too early and other public guests should feel welcome as well.

Bib Responsibility

2020 Team Bib Responsibility Schedule

Save the Date – Monday, December 16th

The CSC and Mount Southington will host a free Pizza Night to pre-register and get together.  The event will take place in the Mountain Room from 7:00pm – 9:00pm.  Stop by to say hello, print out the above registration forms for the season and hand them in, and enjoy some pizza.  (Reminder, all unpaid dues must be paid this evening.) 

Demo Days

Hello Skiers or Racers.(please forward to any skiers looking to try this years skis)..Below are the scheduled dates for Suburban Sports – WE DEMO >>> WE SELL !!!
On-snow demo days at the local CT ski areas.  There are numerous brands available for ski sales…..

Daily SCHEDULE – Dates are below
  • Arrive 8 am set-up…
  • Demo skis available from 9a-2p…
  • All skis back by 3p
  • Apres ‘ @ 4pm

There are race demo plans in the works, and the dates will be forwarded as they materialize.
We look forward to your support of these extremely successful events

KC Nappi

Suburban Sports

2019 Dec 28 Ski Sundown
29 Mt Southington
31 Powder Ridge
2020 Jan 18 Ski Sundown
19 Mt Southington
20 Powder Ridge – (MLK Day)
2020 Feb 15 Ski Sundown
16 Mt Southington
17 Powder Ridge – (President’s Day)