On Snow – Winter Carnival

 On Snow Winter Carnival – 2020 Documents

General Info

On Snow 2020 info for all members

On Snow 2020 added info for club coordinators


There are 5 forms:
The seeding for the weekend = list in order of clubs
Diner log sign up = return to Paul D’Atillio by 2/11/2020 castskiclub@sbcgolbal.net
Race roster = return to John Baker by 2/11/2020 bakerski2004@yahoo.com
non-race roster return by 2/11/2020 = (all) return to Dave Zuraw, – dscwebmaster@yahoo.com
    Johathan Houck (volleyball)  jhhouck@cox.net
    Marsha Baretta (Fun race)   skimars93@gmail.com
    ? (Dave Zuraw) = (Ski Rally) dscwebmaster@yahoo.com
Race Waiver = for all events & also for the 3 state races (need 2nd of the same waiver for the state races- that will be handed in at the morning of the event):
  • super G (Friday)
  • Snowboard (Saturday)
  • X-Country (Sunday)
Everyone participating in the On-Snow Carnival must have a waiver.
This waiver (the only one) is for both Waterville & CSC
If any questions, contact either Dave Zuraw   dscwebmaster@yahoo.com
Rob Dexter
(cell) 860 836-9304
(_)/ (_)


CSC Carnival 2020 Lodging Info