Newsletter – What’s happening with the 2020-2021 Season?

With so many changes arising from Covid-19, the best place to find information about the CSC’s activities at this point, is by reading the Oct. 2020 newsletter.

Many of the website’s menus and links typically used during this planning time of year have had their content disabled because no firm information exists.  The Chairpersons of these activities are working hard and the website will be updated quickly when information is provided.

Most of the mountains are working on their operating plans.

East Coast Greenway Fundraising – Asking for Your Support – 2019

Please consider supporting the East Coast Greenway Fundraising Event.  This event is a bike tour from  Titusville, Florida to Mile Zero on the Florida Keys.  This is the final year of Rob’s 9 year plan to tour the entire East Coast Greenway (ECG).  To donate, click here. Any donated funds support the ECG

Click Here for more EAST COAST GREENWAY FUNDRAISING Information – Rob Dexter