Toko Tuning Lab – October 6, 2019 at Mohawk Mountain

TOKO Tuning Lab #1 sign-up on EVENTBRITE or via events on TOKO WaxCAST Facebook page…..first up,
Mohawk Mountain Ski Area, October 6,2019 , 1-2:30 PM . Free of Charge , open to adults 18 and older. Sign up Today!

Learn to tune via TOKOUS videos and practice at the multi bench ‘lab’ in the Mohawk Mountain Lodge.

Get ready for the upcoming ski season!

East Coast Greenway Fundraising – Asking for Your Support – 2019

Please consider supporting the East Coast Greenway Fundraising Event.  This event is a bike tour from  Titusville, Florida to Mile Zero on the Florida Keys.  This is the final year of Rob’s 9 year plan to tour the entire East Coast Greenway (ECG).  To donate, click here. Any donated funds support the ECG

Click Here for more EAST COAST GREENWAY FUNDRAISING Information – Rob Dexter

Council Meeting Date, Time & Location

The monthly council meeting will be on Tuesday, October 8, at 7:30 PM, at The Back Nine Restaurant located at the Stanley Golf Course’s restaurant in New Britain, CT.

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